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Related post: Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 00:34:29 -0500 From: Subject: Ben and Johnathan reunion of love.My name is Benjamen and I am have known I was gay since I was a freshman in high school. pre teen underage movies I tried to hide to the best of my abilities by dating a girl here and there, and even sleeping with random girls from time to time, so that I could brag about it like all the other guys would do. Eventually I just could not lie to myself or anyone else, I had to be my self now know matter who liked it or not. I was not afraid to come out to my parents because I knew that they would accept me for who I was because my uncle was gay and was living with his partner. I was more afraid pre teen fucked raped to come out to my friends because I did not know how they would react. I really did not want to tell my best friend Johnathan I knew naked pre teens pictures that I could not lose him, but I also knew if we were to had a great lasting friendship he needed to know the truth. I first came out to my parents and they were very supportative of me, and told me that know matter what they would always love me. The next thing I had to do was find to tell Johnathan. I decided that it would be best to tell him his house that way if he could not handle it, I would be the one pre teen bbs list that could just up and leave, and he would not have to go anywhere. So I called him up and asked if I could come over ilegal pre teen because there was something that I wanted to tell him and I could not wait. He told me to come on over. I got in my BMW and pre teen sex picture drove the 10 minutes to his house, all the while thinking how I little tits pre teen was going to tell him that I was not the person who he grew to love as a brother. That I had been keeping something from him for many many years. When I got to his house I took a deep breath and walked up the xxx porn pre teen steps to the door. I knocked and Johnathan let me in and took bbs pre teen cp me straight to his room. He sat on the bed just like he normally did when we were in his room, but istead of sitting next to sitting next to him sat down in his computer chair. He looked at me pre teen fisting with a questioning look as to why I was not sitting next to him. He finally ask"dude why are you sitting over there, and not next to me. Is something really wrong, you look a little weird tonight."Well I sat over here because I thought you would be more comfortable with me over here after you hear what I have to tell you.""Dude tell me whats wrong? The way you are looking at me is frightnening me a little. I don't know if I can stand without knowning anymore."I took a deep breath and then pre teens pics free started to tell galleries pre teen him."Well Johnathan, there is something that I have not told you about my self in all the pre teen russsian years that we have known each other. Something that I have hidden from you and all my friends and family. This is something that I have been afraid to tell you becausre I did not know how you will react, and I still am not sure if you will want to be friends with me after you hear this.""Ben I don't understand. We have always told each other everything, you said you would never lie to me, and I naturism pre teen pics said I naturist pre teens would never lie to you. I don't understand what could be so bad that you would have to keep it from and and everyone else. I always told you that I would be there for you know matter. I thought that you could trust me to let me know about everything."I started to cry because I knew that I had hurt him already and he did not even know what was going on with me. I sat there looking at him with wide eyes trying to decide if I just wanted to blurt out I am gay."Ben tell pre teen masturbation pictures me what is going on in your head, pre teen fuck hard Please."I finally spoke."Johnathan I am sorry that I have to keep this from you, and I am sorry that I have hurt you so much by not telling you, but I just didn't want everyone to hate me. So this is what I have to say to you right now."Johnathan was looking at me with this scared look at me, trying to understand what I was about to say."Johnathan I am Gay. I have always been gay every since I was a little kid. I knew I like xxx pre teens gratis boys so much more than girls. When models pre teen magazine I got to high it became more and more apparent that I was gay when all my friends were starting to get turned on pre teen clitoris so much by girls. I was getting more turned on by guys. I did not think any one would want to be aroudn me after I told them so I lied and started dating and sleeping around with girls just to know one would suspect. But kinder sex pre teen is just got to hard for me and I could not do it anymore, I had to finally be myself in order to keep from going insand. So that is what I needed to tell you"Johnathat was sitting on his bed with this grin on his face and he started to laugh. I thought you thought was kidding with him"Johnathan this is know joke I am telling you the truth. I really am gay"Johnathan finally spoke up."Ben I am not laughing at you because I thougth you were kidding, I am laughing because you felt you had to hide this from me, and because you were so scared to tell me that you were gay""I think I have always known that you were gay. I just knew you were not ready to tell anyone especially me. I figured one day you would finally tell me because you would have to be true to your self and you would need to start dating men instead of wonmen""Dude how did you know I was gay. I said to him""Well you know how pre teeny we sleep in the same bed when you sleep over. And we normally get undressed together? Well a few time I caught you looking at me in the mirror when was getting undresed and I could see this look of pleasure in your face. Also when we would sleep together in bed you would lay so close to me, and I could feel you looking at me. I could also see you getting hard ons when we were naked together. xxx pre teen models When we watched porn you also seemed to be more interested in watching then men the you were with the pre teens in russian nudists pre teens girls."I just stared at him in amazement while he continued speaking."I just don't understand why you felt you had to lie to young pre teenmodels me about this. I don't understand why you would think that I would hate you for this.""Well I guess I just figured most people don't always except gay people and I thought maybe you would be one of them too.""Well I guess you now know that is not true. I am not going to stop being your best friend because you like men more than you like women, and would rather fuck them then fuck a women. So now that I know I hope you won't keep lies from me anymore.""Oh johnathan I promise I will not lie to you anymore, I will always tell you pre teen illegal sex the truth from now on. innocent pre teen nudity I am also glad that you do not hate me for this and freepre teen sexy movies will want to be my friends . I do understand if somethings may change because of this. Like us sleeping in the same bed and you being naked in front of me."Johnathan just started laughing at that."Nothing is going to change between use. I know you would never try anything with me, and who cares if you look at me at least someone is at sometime."I just started to laugh. I knew that I was not the only one who looked at Johnathan because I could see every women that walked by him look at him. He was very handsome. He had dark brown hair and chocolate puppy dog eyes. He was tall and very muscular. Every time I looked at him I lost my breath foto pre teen for a few seconds because he was so handsome. I am not unattractive but I will say this man is more attractive than I would ever be. I am not saying that I didn't get the looks too, for I did because I was attractive. I am 5'9 with blonde hair and green eyes, and I was 165 lbs most of it muscle for working out. But Johnathan was just more attractive then I was in my opinion."Well then I pre teen in ukranian will keep looking at you if you don't mind cause I think you are fucking hot. I decided I pre teens models pics would tell him that just to make him happy."After I told Johnathan I ended up going home and thinking how lucky I was to have a friend like Johnathan and for my whole family. I then started to think about Johnathan again and started to get totally aroused by everything I was thinking about. I started to think about his nice tone muscles and his pre teens xxx galeries firm ass, and large cock. I was starting to get so hard that I had to do something about it. So I lay down on my bed and stuck my hands in my pants and start ilegal pre teen nude to rub up and down on my cock while thinking pre teen girls naturism of Johnathan. That legal nn pre teen night I came yong naked pre teens like never before. I then went to bed and had the best dreams of Johnathan ever.The rest of my coming out went okay for the most russian pre teens bbs part, most of my friends were okay with it, pre teen porns some werent but I had everyone I need in my life anyways. The rest of pre teen gay boy my senior year when by fast. I spend a lot of time applying to college and studying to keep my grades high. I finally heard from the college I russian pre teen art wanted to go to that I had gotten in. I had gotten in to Yale I was so excited I just couldn't wait to tell Johnathan. When I finally told him he was so happy yet so sad."Hey buddy why are you so sad.""I am happy for you Ben but I am sad because pre teen sex movies I am going to go to Uva and I will miss you so pre teen naked photo much. We have never been this far about before I just don't know how I will cope with out you."Oh Johnathan we will still be friends even though pre teens sex angels you are far away. We can make it work. I thought this was true but in my heart I guess I knew it would never work."Johnathan and I spend so much time together before we each headed off to our colleges for four years. I did not want to live in the dorms, so I decided to get an apartment, and my parents said that they would help me pay for some of the rent as long as I maintained my grades. A month before I was to head out to Yale my parents were in a bad car accident and they both died. I was devastated and did not think that I could go to school, but Johnathan had convinced me that I needed to go that it was what my parents would want. I knew he was right. You probably think that how was the young kid going to pay for Yale. Well I had two trustfund basically. One was set up by my grandmother and the other was sat up by my parents. I was to get this money when I turned 18 to what ever pre teens nude password I wanted with it. My parents had also put aside money for my college and there was enough in there to pay for everything that I needed for school, including my living expensives. So all in all I have a few million dollars to my name, although I would have tried everything for the lives of my parents. But I finally did head to yale for the freshman year saying could bye to Johnathan. It was hard to say good bye because he was pretty much the only family I had, and I knew I may never see him again because I planned to stay in only russian pre teen Conneticut for good.Johnathan and I remained close for a few months but then we just pre teen russian angels go so busy that we never got to write or call each other. Eventually we just kind of forgot about each other. I made new friends at school, and even dated a few guys. One guy I thought was really going to last but it didn't. He hurt my feelings so much so I decided after him I was going to stop dating for erotic pre teens a while. I did but I also slept around with a few people never getting attached to anyone because I did not want to get hurt at all.I had the best roommates ever who took care of me when I went through my break up. The four years at yale went by slow. There was so much work young pre teen porn to be done that I rarely had time to do anything else. When graduation came I was sad because my parents would not be there, but I knew they were with me in spirit. After graduation I headed to BU to go to law school. I moved in with some guys I had met a few times through my old roommates. The knew I was moving to the city and told me I could move in with the when there old roommate moved out. cute candid pre teen nude pre teen males I was happy that I did not have to look for a new apartment that took some of the stress of me. nudism pre teens video The first few months at law school pre teen models russia went by pretty pre teen model link quick with the work and the job I had interning for a judge. I did not have much yound pre teens nude time to make a lot of friends, I did not have a boyfriend nor did I have a real desire to find one since pre teen lollita I still did not want to pre teen no tits get hurt. I did have a few friends aside from my roommates here, so those are the ones that I spent a lot of time with. little pre teen porn They were all pretty open to me being gay, and did not seem to really care that I was. Most of them tried to hook me up with others they knew to be gay but I told them not to do that, I was not ready yet.Christmas was slowly approaching and for the first time in four years I was going to have plans. The years after my parents had died I decided I did not want to celebrate it just hurt to much. This year my friends decided that we were going to have our own christmas since they could not fly home to their families. We decided that we were going to all hang out at their apartment and cook dinner, and watch some movies open pre teens sexy gallery presents and all the good stuff. That is what we did. The night young pre teen nudists went by pretty well, and I decided I was going to crash at their place for a week or so, since I did not want to be at my apartment for the new years.I went to work the day after christmas and it was pretty slow since it was still the holiday. When I got back to nudist pre teen my friends I was told they were have another friend over that night, and friend that had just moved to the city from virginia. He was going to be coming over sometime after dinner. We all got the apartment ready since it was a mess from the partying we had done the day before. When we finished the door bell rang, and my friends went to open it. As the man walked in I turned to look at him to introduce myself. When I turned around I could hardly believe my eyes. The man walking in was Johnathan. He had aged a llittle, and was a little more built then he had been the day we left for school, but I was sure it was him. My friend walked him in and introduced."Johnathan this is...""Benjamine.""Johnathan is that really you? I cant believe this it has been so long."My two friend just stared at us wondering how we new each other."Benjamine this is so ukraine pre teen model fucking unbelieveable. Never in a million years would I have guessed I would run into you here. Last I knew you were living in Conneticut I guess you must have move.""yeah I moved here to go to law school. What the hell are you doing here John?""well I moved here to work. I got offered a great job and could not pass up the chance near nude pre teens to move out here. I meet these guys at work , and they invited me over to watch some movies and hang out.""Well I am so glad you are here."I told him about my last four years and pre pre teen models he told me about his. Things just went back to the way they were when we were best friends I just could not believe this at all. I was so happy this was my best friend, and pre teen hardcore newsgroups also the guy I had been in love with since I could remember even though he never new it. pre teen xxx models Johnathan I had just come from shopping free nonude pre teens and he was showing pre teens nude list us some of the things that he had bought. youn pre teen nude He showed us the new movies, and the boxers he had bought. The boxers are what caught my intention the most. He had a green and red pair, and a black silk pair . I started to imagine him wearing the black pairs and I started to smile. I must have had a huge grin on my face pre teen nude photos because Johnathan look at me and started to laugh, and my other friends just wink at me."Dude do you like what I bought?" Johnathan ask."Yeah I think everything is pretty cool.""why don't we go watch a movie now I said to change the subject."I sat down on the cough and so did markand Tom. Johnathan put the movie into the dvd and then walked over to the couch and ask if he coujdl sit down next to me. I said sure but wasn't sure why he didn't just sit in the chair. I wasn't going to really complain because I loved being this close to him. I had never pre teen in underwear felt so much models nn pre teen electricity with anyone beforel, but I knew I nothing pre teen nude panty was ever going to happen between us, but I was still going to enjoy this moment.During the movie I keep feeling Johnathan rub my leg but I thought he was doing pre teen boy erection it by accident so I didn't think much of it. Later on he started to move asian pre teens as close as possible to me putting his arm around me, now I knew this wasn't a pedo xxx pre teen mistake but I wasn't sure what to make of it. He then start to pull me into him, and I looked up at him wondeirng what was going on. He just smiled and wink at me. I knew that he was doing this for a reason and that he was enjoying this very much. He then started to rub his other hand up and down my leg making me shudder with extasy. He then asked if I want a massage. I said yeah that would be really nice to I sat in front of him. He started rubbing my shoulders, and my back for a while, then stopped and pulled me towards him, and wrapped his arms around my neck making sure I wasn't pre teen erotic modeling going to leave that position. I leaned into him and relaxed a little. He keep breathing heavy, so I thought I illlegal pre teen nude was hurting him and kept trying to move away from pre teen virgin models him, but he would just pull me more into him. Later on I learned he was smiling my hear. After awhile he knew I wasn't going to leave so he let go and started to rub my russian pre teen tight chest, and legs. And held my hands. I could feel is erection starting to grow and new that he was getting turned on by all of this. I just sat the wondering how this could be happened. He then leaned down and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear."Ben I am so glad I am here with you, I missed you so russian pre teen porn much, and I have wanted to be with you like this for years now."I couldn't believe this was happening. When did he become gay or realize he was gay. I just sat there smiling and leaning into him. After the movie was done mark russian pre teen pics and tom retreated to their bedrooms leaving me in the living room with Johnathan."Johnathan how long have you been gay.""well I guess always but just recently started to really believe it myself, then when I walked into this apartment and saw you I knew in a instant that I really was gay because my whole body felt something for you. I cant say when but it just did."I sat there in his arms still just amazed at the nights events. I then move and sat next to him and he turned to face me, and I looked into his eyes and was so glad that he was here. I leaned iin to kiss him, and he opened his mouth for m, and I slid my tongue in and out pre teen nudist naturist of his mouth a few minutes. We explored each others mouths for a while. Then I broke the kiss. I realized that I need to go pre teen porn girls to my place before anything could happen. I just could do anything here at my friends. I wrote and not and told Ben that we were going to my apartment.We walked through the city and found my apartment, and went in. As we got in John just pre teens nudity pics grabbed me, and kissed me with so much passionate I just melted into his arms. We stayed like that for minutes. I didn't want to let go of him but I knew I had to. We walked nto the bedroom. He then again kissed me and started to undress me. I stopped him."Johnathan I cant do this with you right now. I really want to but it is just to fast for me right now. I still need to process somethings.""Well Ben I guess I will go now.""No please don't go I need you here I have missed you so pre teen pedo much. Stay and lay with me, sleep in my bed. I need to feel you with me. This is somehting I have always wanted baby. I have loved you forever but was never able to tell you that.""You have what Ben?"I knew that I had said something that might have scared him, but pre teen topless photos I couldn't take it back."I have loved you forever more then just friends.""Oh Ben my honey I love you too, and I realize that I always have. It feels so nice to here it from you.""So does that mean you will stay here with me Johnathan?""Yes Ben I will sleep next to you if that is all you want right now.""Thank you baby for this I think that is what I want more than anything right now."Johnathan and I got into bed and just laid there. I wanted so bad to touch but didn't think pre teen nuded models it was wise. It felt like this night was goingh to go on forever. I then moved to my side and saw Johnathan looking at me smiling and I leaned in to kiss him, and knew right then I wanted more. SO I moved him over and got gallery pre teen girls on top pre teen hentai porn of him. And started to kiss his neck, and his chest moving down to his stomach. I then reached his cock and wrap my mouth around it. Johnathan let out a moan, and said "ph Ben young nud pre teens I have wanted this so much it feels so good." I kept this up for a while till I sensed him reaching orgasm. Then He let go and shot his load down my throat while I sucked every last drop of his cum."Oh Ben that felt so good it was the pre teen models porn most amazing thing that has ever been done to me."He then got up and pull me into him and kissed me, and then pushed me down on the bed. Kissing me all pre teen pussies over. "Ben I want to feel you in me tonight. I tiny pre teens nude wanted to be connected to you in so pre teen incest whores many ways. Will you do that for me. Will you make love to tonight."Oh Johnathan if that is what you I will love to make love to you."I reached over the night stand and grab some lube and a condom. I then started to lick Johns crack sticking my tongue in his hole, and then I lbe one finger and stuck that in first, then two, Then I lube is pre teens fucked hard whole some more and put the condom on. Then I positioned myself so my cock was pushing against his whole I went slow letting him get use to the feel, then pushed more in and more till I was in all the way. Then I started to slowly pump in and out. John start to naked pre teen galleries moan, and scream. I was pounding away at him, and he was getting hard again, and I was just pounding away, I could feel my orgasm coming and I pounded harder and harder. I then let go and felt my cock release its juices into the condom and then John came with out even being touchs. I stayed n erotic pre teen girl top of himn for a while till I sliped out, and took the condom off and kissed John."That was so good baby. I love you so much.""I love pre teen nude school you too more than you can ever know."I then lay down next to him and held him to me nude pics pre teen as we fell asleep. I knew this was the perfect thing ever. I just could not imagine anything better.To be continued I think. If you want more let me know I will do it faster.
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